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At All Hallows’ we have a strong emphasis on Early Reading. By the time the children leave us in Year 6 we want them to be fluent, confident readers and have developed a passion and love for books. Reading begins in Reception with the teaching of phonics. The Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised Phonics programme is followed with fidelity and this is continued into Year 1. Phonics lessons are taught daily and daily interventions take place for children that may need additional support.

In all year groups there are Reading lessons which promote vocabulary discussion and comprehension skills. In Reception and Year One they take the form of  Reading  Practice lessons and take place three times a week. On Day 1 the children are introduced to the book, phonemes covered in the book are practised and any unfamiliar vocabulary is discussed. On Day 2 the Reading Teacher will read the text, modelling fluency and expression and the children will copy this. On Day 3 comprehension questions are asked orally. Our Reading scheme has been organised so that it is fully decodable and follows the order of the phonemes in the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme. This means that it matches the phonic ability of the children as they reach different stages in the Phonics programme.

On Day 4 in Year One there is a whole class read of a text where vocabulary is the  key focus and discussion will happen around inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing. On Day 5 there is a Read and Respond lesson where children are given the  opportunity to be more creative to promote a love of reading.

From Year 2 to Year 6  there are four days of whole class Guided Reading where a whole class text is used.  Children are exposed to discussions  and activities based around vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing / summarising. On Fridays they take part in a  Read and Respond lesson where they are able to respond in a creative way to the part of the book they have been reading. 

Our whole class guided reading texts have been carefully selected for each year group based on age appropriate content, vocabulary and themes addressed within them. We have high expectations for all our children and our ambitious texts choices support this.


Whole Class Guided Reading Texts Year 1 - Year 6


 You can find our Phonics guidance document here. It goes into more detail about how Reading and Phonics is taught at All Hallows'.


Home Reading

 The children in Reception and Year 1 will take home 3 books weekly.  One will be the Little Wandle Phonics book that they have read in school.  They should be able to read this book with 95% accuracy.  Reading a book they have already read several times builds their confidence with reading an increases their fluency.  They will also bring home another phonics book that is matched to their phonics ability.  In addition the children will choose a book from the class library weekly to bring home for you to share together.

In Year 2 the children will bring home the same as Reception and Year 1 at the beginning of the year until they are ready to move on.  Once children are ready they will bring home a book weekly that is matched to their reading ability and a class library book to share.

From Year 3 onwards children will bring home a book that is matched to their reading ability.  We have recently purchased some fantastic graphic novels for Key Stage 2 to encourage more reluctant readers and we also have books suitable for pupils with dyslexic tendencies.  

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