Over recent months we have changed the way reading is taught in school.  We have purchased lots of new books in order to provide the children with rich and varied reading material.  We don't follow one specific scheme as we feel this gives the children access to a wider range of books.

Reading books are banded (levelled) into different colours.  Further information about the colour bands can be found below.  

The children take part in a wide range of reading activities throughout the week to develop their knowledge and skills in decoding and encoding as well as comprehension.  Every child is heard read in school twice a week as part of guided reading sessions.  If your child's reading record book is in school on the day that your child is read with they will be written in so that you have some feedback about what your child has been working on and how you could help at home.  Please ensure that your child's reading record book is in school every day.  During these sessions pupils also embed their reading knowledge through a range of activities.

In addition to this there are a variety of shared reading sessions during English lessons.  Each class has a class book and there is reading time built into each day.

Home Reading

We have recently introduced a new way of sending reading books home.  Children are now able to change their reading book as often as they like by placing it in the basket in their classroom.  These books are different to the guided reading books that the children read in school.  There is a wide range of different reading schemes available.  The children are able to choose any book they like to take home within their colour banded level.  We do this so that the children can take home something that interests them.  A child may bring home the same book more than once if it is something that they have particularly enjoyed.  It is really helpful if you could make a comment on how well your child is reading the books that they send home. 

Colour Bands

Please find information below about the colour banding system that we use in school.

Phonic Phase

Book band

School  Expectations

Phase 2


40-60 months developing

Phase 3


40-60 months embedded

Phase 3/4


Early Learning Goal Reception

Phase 4/5

Light Blue

Working below end of Year expectations

Phase 5


Working towards end of Year 1

Phase 5


Expected end of Year 1

Phase 5/6


Working below Year 2 expecations/working at Greater Depth within Year 1

Phase 5/6


Working towards Year 2 expectations

Phase 6


Year 2

Phase 6+


Year 2

Phase 6+


Working at Greater Depth within Year 2



Year 3 Autumn term


Year 3 Spring term


Year 3 Summer term



Year 4 Autumn term

Dark Blue

Year 4 Spring term

Dark Blue

Year 4 Summer term


Dark Blue

Year 5 Autumn term

Dark Red

Year 5 Spring term


Dark Red

Year 5 Summer term


Dark Red

Year 6 Autumn term


Year 6 Spring term


Year 6 Summer term