School Facilities



Each class has a well-stocked fiction and non- fiction library which the children access daily.  



The school has a variety of resources to enable children to develop their computing skills, including hardware such as interactive whiteboard, laptops, programmable robots and IPads as well as a wide range of software. The children are taught how to interact with the resources and develop programming skills to understand how technology works and its uses in everyday life. 

Every classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, which is used throughout the curriculum to enhance the children's learning. 


School outings and enhancement opportunities 

To support each topic of learning, the children will benefit from planned enhancement opportunities. Each topic will have a ‘hook’ day at the beginning of it to get the children engaged in the topic and will end with a celebration of learning.  These events may take place in school but there may also be activities planned that take place outside of school that are organised to places of educational interest. 

We access the local area on a regular basis with visits to church, walks around the village or to the local high school. Parents are asked to give permission for these visits when children join the school.  At least once a year children will go on visits that involve travelling on a coach. 

When travelling by coach parents permission is always sought and transport is checked for safety and booked through a reputable company. The school has a policy for school visits which is available for inspection in the school office. 


Outdoor areas 

As well as very attractive and extensive playing fields the school is also fortunate enough to have an area of woodland, a conservation and edible garden area, a playground with trim trail and a pond that is accessible under the supervision of trained adults. 



We offer a variety of clubs for children which take place after school.  They are available for 6 week block sessions for Key Stage 1 and 2. There is a charge of £5 for 6 sessions to cover the cost of the clubs.  Further details about the clubs on offer can be found in the learning section of the website.


Our Year 4 children go swimming on a weekly basis to Almondbury community school  The children are taught by Mrs Smith and Mrs who are swimming teachers at the community school. Children travel there and back by coach and are accompanied by school staff and volunteers.


Musical instrument lessons 

Very soon we will be offering musical instrument lessons to our Key Stage 2 children. These are provided by Kirklees Music Hub and will be chargeable to parents. More information will be available in the New Year.