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At All Hallows’ CE (VA) Primary School, we strive to develop confidence in mathematics and foster an environment in which children are encouraged to be curious, explore and investigate during their lessons. Our children should be constantly developing fluency as mathematicians and should apply their knowledge to challenging problems. We aim to develop resilient learners who can solve problems with unconscious competence. We follow a Maths curriculum that has been adapted so that:

  • Staff follow a well-designed, logical and sequential sequence to teaching mathematics, which can be altered depending on the needs of our pupils.
  • Time is spent exploring age appropriate tasks.
  • Children are supported and taught how to explain and justify their reasoning and how to apply this to problem solving.
  • Ongoing teacher assessment in lessons allows misconceptions to be addressed so that children can keep up, rather than catch up.
  • All children practice arithmetic daily within their lessons and move towards solving problems with unconscious competence.
  • KS2 children also experience a lesson dedicated to promoting arithmetic skills in order to develop their resilient attitude towards mathematical operations. They also have access to TTRockstars, an engaging, fun and practical way of increasing fluency and recall of multiplication and division facts.
  • All children have access to Numbots which is an online, fun and practical method of teaching children the children about the relationship between numbers and developing their addition and subtraction skills.
  • Learners are regularly provided with concrete and pictorial resources where necessary to extend and support their learning. These resources are integral to closing attainment gaps and ensure that children are provided with the opportunity to succeed.
  • Where children show signs of mastery in maths, we aim to deepen that understanding through non-routine problems.