Year 3

Teacher: Mr Howard

Teaching Assistant: Miss Bushby

Week Commencing 1st June

Maths - Focus over the next two weeks is multiplication and division.

 Y3 WO1 Comparing statements 2019.pdf

Y3 WO2 Related calculations 2019.pdf

Y3 WO3 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (1) 2019.pdf

Y3 WO4 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019.pdf


English - Please follow the daily lesson plans on BBC Bitesize this week. The week starts off with a review of similies and metaphors.


Reading - This half term we are looking at poetry, in particular Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhythms. This week Cinderella!



Science - Combining Science with Art, as we learn all about flowers. This week we learn to be botanical artists and draw detailed pictures of the inside of a flower. If you have paints that's great, if not use coloured pencils or pens. Try to draw every detail and then have a go at labelling your picture. The powerpoint has lots of information to help you.



Week Commencing 25th May


Maths - As last week, the main page on White Rose has previously completed work so please use the links below. This week is all about addition and subtraction, remember the key rules of column method. First, get the numbers in the correct column, second always start with your ones!

Year 3 Week 6 Alternative Plan.pdf

Lesson 1 - Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100 2019.pdf

Lesson 2 - Subtract 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers - no exchange 2019.pdf

Lesson 3 - Subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number - exchange 2019.pdf

Lesson 4 - Estimate answers to calculations 2019.pdf

English - Final part on Escape from Pompeii, and your chance for some creative writing. Using the picture of Pompeii erupting as inspiration, write your own Pompeii adventure story. I'd like you to use expanded noun phrases in your work. We have covered these before, but there is a link to BBC Bitesize as a reminder. Also, use the marvellous animation from Melbourne Museum from last week.


Science - Moving on from the skeleton, we are now looking at muscles. Our skeleton gives us support and protection, but without our muscles we're not going to be doing much! Have a look at the following powerpoint and complete the worksheet.




Week Commencing 18th May


Please see our Class Photo for this year. I'm aware that we do not have everyone's picture on it and that there have been issues with my Email. Do not worry we can update it with extra photos, just send them to me or to the school. Year 3 Photo.jpg 

English - Here is the final instalment of Escape from Pompeii and some comprehension questions. I've also got the whole story's pictures for you to look at and I would like you to create a story map (there is an example to look at). Remember we are writing our Newspaper report this week so I've got a few things to help you along. First, there is a link to features of a newspaper report on BBC Bitesize to help you. Second, an amazing Youtube animation clip by Melbourne Museum showing the gradual destruction of Pompeii (it's absolutely fab you'll love it!)

Now using your story map, the BBC Bitesize information and the inspiration from the animation clip I want you to create a Newspaper report on the destruction of Pompeii. Remember you will need a catchy headline, a super picture, facts and your own opinion. You could even interview Tranio and Livia as part of your report. Make it exciting, make it fun!

Escape 3.pptx

Pompeii--Reading-comp 4.docx



Maths - On their main page, Whiterose resources have reverted to work we have already done. However, they have provided an alternative plan with video lessons and worksheets.

Year 3 Week 5 Alternative Plan.pdf

Lesson 1 - Add and subtract 2-digit and 3-digit numbers - not crossing 10 or 100 2019.pdf

Lesson 2 - Add 2-digit and 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100 2019.pdf

Lesson 3 - Subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100 2019.pdf

Lesson 4 - Add two 3-digit numbers - not crossing 10 or 100 2019.pdf

Science - We are having a look at our skeleton this week. Have a look at the powerpoint and see if you can complete the worksheet. I've also got you a make your own skeleton sheet. If you cant print it off you could always draw your own!

The Skeleton.pptx

Skeleton gapped handout.doc


Week Commencing 11th May

English - Here is the next instalment of our story, Escape from Pompeii, together with some comprehension questions. We will also look at some key features of a newspaper report with some activities to complete.

Escape 2.pptx

Pompeii--Reading-comp 3.docx

Pompeii--Reading-comp 4.docx

headlines and fact or opinion.pptx

Geography - We are moving on from volcanoes to earthquakes this week. There is an excellent starter from BBC Bitesize and then a powerpoint to go through with plenty of information. I've also attached a worksheet and a quick quiz (again the answers are at the end).

Earthquakes MSF.ppt


Quick Earthquake Quiz.docx

Maths - Whiterose are keeping up the daily lessons (multiplication and division this week), you need to click on the links below for the activity sheets. Also, there are fantastic daily maths activities on BBC Bitesize.









Week Commencing 4th May (may the 4th be with you!)

Maths    Keep up your daily Whiterose work, its money next week. Also, Whiterose has teamed up with BBC Bitesize to give a daily maths lesson. Use the following link and select Year 3 lessons for each day's activity.

English  Tying in with our Geography work we have a new class reader, Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit. Over the next couple of weeks we will learn all about the adventures of Tranio and Livia, with the aim of writing a Newspaper Report. I've created a powerpoint about the beginning of our tale and there are some comprehension questions to answer. As newspaper reports are written in the past tense, I have included a couple of activities to build up our skills.

Escape part 1.pptx

Pompeii--Reading-comp 1.docx

Pompeii--Reading-comp 2.docx

Past Tense.docx

Geography   Greater detail this week into different types of volcanoes and where they are located. This weeks work includes The Great Volcano Quiz (the answers are at the end, no cheating!)

W2 Volcanoes.pptx


The Great Volcano Quiz.docx

D&T  If you've not had a go at making a volcano, do. Word of warning it can get very messy if you overdo the ingredients (as my daughter 'accidentally' did), so you might want to do it outside!

I've also included the link to a problem solving activity, be as creative as you can and send me a picture of your raft.


Take Care, Be Safe, See You Soon


Week Commencing 27th April

Maths Keep up your daily tasks on White Rose Maths scheme. This does follow many activities we would be doing in class so is perfect for keeping you on track while being away from school. 

English Time to really stretch your imagination with some Picture Play. Have a look at the mysterious character I've given you and throughout the week build a wonderful adventure story around him.

Picture play.docx

Geography The next few weeks will be focused on Volcanoes and Earthquakes. We'll start with volcanoes looking at how they are formed and why they erupt. First the basics, looking at how the layers of the Earth work. Then go through the volcano powerpoint and the BBC Bitesize volcano information, and use this information to complete the worksheets.

Earths Layers Worksheet.docx

W1 Volcanoes.pptx

How are volcanoes formed.docx

Why do volcanoes erupt.docx

D and T I know ingredients for this sort of thing are a bit scarce at the moment, but this looks like a lot of fun (and very messy!)

BBC Bitesize If you are looking for other activities make sure you check out the Bitesize page as there are some great lessons to have a go at!

Take care and stay safe.

Week Commencing 20th April

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break and have stayed safe, but enjoyed the fabulous weather. I spent mine mostly digging up the garden and planting lots of seeds form packets with no names on. I'm now just sitting back to see what grows (and trying to stop my dog destroying it all!)

I'd like you to do some Geography work for the next few weeks. I have a power point to look at about the equator, followed by some questions on the equator and where countries are. I've also included some general questions about the continents and seas of our planet. There is a link to an online atlas to help you with this.

Geography – the equator pp.pptx




English A great diary writing activity. Use your timeline to write a detailed diary entry.

Eng W.C 20.4.docx

Maths Please continue to use the daily lessons on the White Rose Maths scheme and I have added a little post-Easter problem solving activity. 

Egg Box Investigation.doc

P.E. Keep doing the Joe Wicks work out on Youtube every morning starting at 9am. Remember if you happen to be up a bit later it's still on his Youtube page to upload, so no excuses!

Stay safe, keep active and hopefully we will see each other soon.

Week Commencing 30th March

Reading comprehension work for the next few weeks (some of this has been done already). The Twits by Roald Dahl 7-9 - VIPERS Discussion Guide (1) (1).pdf

Maths - As a school we follow the White Rose Maths scheme. To support home learning they have produced daily tasks which follows our planning. You can find this at  

English - last week we were learning the features of letters and were practising writing a letter to a friend. This week I would like you to use your imagination and combine it with our class text The Twits. Imagine you are the Roly-Poly Bird and you have flown off for an adventure. Your task this week is to write a letter to Mr Muggle-Wump telling the monkeys all about your adventure. Follow these steps to success:

  1. Plan the Roly-Poly bird's adventure - where did he go, what did he see, what did he do. Make it exciting.
  2. Plan your letter using the features you learned last week. Sort the adventure into paragraphs!
  3. Write your letter to Mr Muggle-Wump.
  4. Read through your letter and pick a section you would like to improve. Make sure you are ticking off Mr Howard's Non-negotiables 

Check out the school's Activity Page. I do hope you're doing the Joe Wicks workout every morning (we certainly are in my house!)

I've had a few questions about spellings, please look at the homework tasks for Spring 2 and you will see a new batch of Year 3 spellings to learn.

Week Commencing 23rd March

Writing Letters.ppt


Letter to complete A B C.docx

Letter Examples.docx

How to find a fraction of an amount-SmartiesY3.ppt

LA Fractions of amounts.docx

Fraction of amounts WPs.docx


Autumn 1 Newsletter.pdf

Y3 Autumn 2 Newsletter.pdf

Y3 Spring 1 Newsletter.pdf

Spring 2 Newsletter (1).pdf


Homework Autumn Term 1.pdf

Y3 Homework Autumn Term 2.pdf

Y3 Homework Spring Term 1.pdf

Y3 Homework Spring Term 2.pdf

Knowledge Organisers:

KO Religion, ritual and food.pdf

KO Forces and Magnets.pdf

KS2 Expectations:

Key Stage 2 Expectations


Our focus this half term is Street Dance. We are very lucky to have our friends from Huddersfield Town in to teach the children an exciting routine!

Please make sure your child has full P.E. kit (including pumps as we will be getting outside at all opportunities) and earrings need to be removed on both days.


Following on from the e mail Mrs Wyatt sent last week regarding the Coronavirus, if your child has a high temperature or a cough and needs to remain at home for 7 days please find some activities below that we would encourage you to complete with them at home.

Year 3 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers.pdf

Year 3 Home Learning Pack.pdf

Year 3 Practical Ideas.pdf

In English we are making a fact file on Roald Dahl. With a focus on using subheadings, pictures, captions to organise this. Here is some information on the great author to help your child complete this.

Roald Dahl_Fact Pack.pdf