Phonics and Spelling

At All Hallows' CE (VA) Primary School we use the Letters and Sounds programme for teaching phonics.  The staff use phonics play for planning and also use this website for activity ideas.   All pupils in Reception and Year 1 have a daily interactive phonics session where they are taught each of the 40+ phonemes (sounds) and how these are recorded (graphemes) in words for reading and writing.  In Year 2, those pupils who have not met the required standard at the end of Year 1 continue with a daily phonics session with intervention groups in addition. 

Pupils in Year 2 who have met the required standard at the end of Year 1 and pupils in Year 3 and 4  have a daily spelling lesson linked to the statutory spelling lists and spelling patterns for each year group.

To make phonics learning as memorable as possible, we compliment the Letters and Sounds programme with rhymes and actions and incorporate learning in the outdoors, particularly in the EYFS.

At the end of Year 1 the children undergo a phonics screening check.  Any children who do not reach the required standard complete the phonics screening again at the end of Year 2.

The school uses Rapid Phonics as an intervention programme across the school for those children who require additional phonics sessions.

A link to some free resources to support phonics can be found below.

Phonics Play 

Phonics Play Comics

Teach Your Monster To Read

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