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Mrs Chambers (HLTA) Tuesday afternoons



Useful documents


Phase 2 Phoneme Pronunciation Guide Click here

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You can contact me at catherine.jagger@kirkleeseducation.uk 

PE is every Tuesday and the children need to come to school in their PE kits. They will stay in them all day so please make sure any jumpers or hoodies are named.

Please do not allow your children on the trim trail before and after school. This includes siblings. Thank you for your cooperation.


Tricky words we have learnt...

is, I, the, as, and, his, her, has, go, no, to, into, he, she, of, we, me, be, you, they, by, my all, was, sure, pure, are, so, said, have, like, what, there, were, here, one, love, little, some, come

Graphemes we have learnt...

Phase 2 - s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, ff, ll, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, nk

Phase 3 - ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, er





Week beginning 20.5.24

We have had a very busy few weeks in Reception class. We have been learning lots about real life super heroes and we have had some come into school to visit us and tell us about their jobs. We have got to the end of our phonics work for this half term and have done our assessments. We have sent home the assessments so that you can see how your child got on and where they need some extra practice.

Tomorrow (22nd May) we are going to church so please ensure the children have sensible footwear and a coat as the forecast is not looking good.

Here are some photos of us having fun in our learning. We have been cleaning out the water tray as for some reason there always seems to be mus and sand in there! We have visited the garden where we have a pond with some tadpoles in it and we had a fire fighter (an uncle of one of our superstars) visit us. We have had a great time in our learning!

We had Hand to Mouth in our class on Tuesday and we listened to The Creation Story and then had fun making some puppets.

Week beginning 29.4.24

This week we have had a great time learning about real life superheroes. We had a visit from Abi who works in ambulances and helps the Paramedics and she showed us how to put bandages on.

Here is the phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 22.4.24

This week we have been continuing our work on Superheroes. Evil pea was really cheeky and stuck some vegetables on our walls and units in the classroom! Some of us have been making traps for him in the Creative Area in the hope we can catch him.

We have made Wanted posters and have done some great pictures of Supertato and Evil Pea on the whiteboard.

Here is the phonics video for this week. We have focused on words which contain three adjacent consonants.

In PE we have been working on our Climbing and Crawling unit. We have been mixing the two skills up and worked in a carousel around the hall where we practised them using different PE equipment.

Today (Thursday) we were so lucky because we had some dentists come into class to visit us. They told us all about their job and how they help look after people's teeth. They even gave us some toothpaste! It was so much fun. Thank you to Smiles in Tandem for coming into class to talk to us.

Week beginning 15.4.24

We have had a superhero kind of week this week. We have been reading all about Supertato and then we had a visit from a real life superhero because a Police Officer came in to talk to us about her job. Here are some photos of us enjoying our learning.

Here is the phonics video for this week. 

Welcome back to the Summer term. I can't believe we are here already! 

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and that the children are ready for another busy half term in Reception. There has been a newsletter sent to you via email this week and I have also popped a copy at the top of this page under the useful documents heading.

We also have a homework grid which is new for Reception. It puts together some things we would like you to do at home with your child and is hopefully fun. There is no expectation to hand anything in but if the children would like to share their work then you can do it via Tapestry or they can bring things in. This has also been emailed and put at the top of this page.

We have recapped the PANTS rule this week in class. You can find more information about this by following this link


Here is the phonics video for this week.

Phase 4 (words which contain short vowel sounds and adjacent consonants)


Today in our RE lesson we went on a walk in the school grounds. We were looking at the things that Christians believe that God created that we see every day but don't always have time to appreciate. It was lovely and there was even a spot of rain for us! There were some beautiful comments made by the children and we hope you enjoy looking at these photos which show the awe and wonder on the children's faces.

Week beginning 18.3.24

This week we have had a lovely time learning more about the Easter story and we had a visit to church. We have learnt about keeping healthy by keeping clean and in Maths we have been working on numbers up to 15. We have had phonics assessments this week so if your child needs extra phonics intervention you will receive an email from Mrs Jagger.

There is no video for phonics this week.

Here are some photos of us enjoying our last week. We did an egg hunt outside and the Easter bunny had left us some treats!

Week beginning 11.3.24

This week we have had a great time in class learning about Easter. We have made Easter gardens and we did some spice paintings.

We have also started learning about different farm animals.

Just a reminder that next Wednesday we will be walking to church for our Easter service. Here are some photos of us in our learning this week.

Here is the phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 4.3.24

Apologies I haven't updated this for a couple of weeks. I have popped some photos on to show what we have been up to in our learning.

Here is the phonics video for this week. We have been focusing on words with 2 or more digraphs. There are no new tricky words this half term, we are recapping previously learned ones.

We had great fun listening to an active story in PE on World Book Day. We had to do different actions for different words.

We had great fun doing a quiz with our Year 6 buddies. Photos of this will follow.

Today we talked about Good Friday. We have a good discussion about what the word 'Good' means and then we tasted some hot cross buns. 

Week beginning 19.2.24

welcome back. I hope you have all had a lovely week off.

We have started our topic of 'All Creatures great ad Small' and have started by looking at dinosaurs. You should have received the newsletter, if not, keep an eye out for that via email.

I have not taken any photos this week unfortunately. I will try and do some next week but we have had a lovely week playing with our friends and playing in all the different weathers this week has thrown at us!

Here is the phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 5.2.24

Well can you believe it, we are halfway through the school year! To say it is flying would be an understatement!

We have had a great final week in class making ice pictures, visiting church for a beautiful Lent service which was led by Year 5, making penguins and learning about the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan.

There is no phonics video this week due to it being assessment week.

Have a lovely half term holiday and we will see you on Tuesday 20th February.

Week beginning 29.1.24

We have had a lovey week learning about Antarctica. We have done some beautiful ice paintings and been learning all about penguins and how they look after their eggs and huddle up to keep warm.

We had hot chocolate when the weather was horrible and cold to keep us warm and we made some lovely bracelets with beads to represent all the places we belong.

Here is the phonics video for this week which contains the phonemes air and er and longer words.

Week beginning 22.1.24

We have had lots of fun this week in Provision with our friends. 

Today we had a talk from a lady who is a Baptism coordinator at her church. We learnt lots of facts about baptism and what the different objects mean, such as candles, fonts, the cross. After her talk some of the children decided to recreate a baptism and they had a lovely party afterwards! 

Here is the phonics video for this week which focuses on the phonemes ur, ow, oi, ear

Week beginning 15.1.24

We have had a great week this week. We have got lots done in class and have had great fun playing in the snow. Can you please ensure that you put your child's reading books in their bags on a Friday as we read them with our Year 6 Reading Buddies.

Here is the phonics video for the last 2 weeks. It contains the phonemes ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo, or, ar

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back to a new school term. We have lots of exciting things planned this half term starting with our Learning Cafe. This was really well attended and the children (and grown ups) had lots of fun making their polar bears to help with our learning all about the Arctic and Arctic animals.

We have started learning the Phase 3 graphemes, all of which are digraphs or trigraphs. Please practise these regularly with your child at home and read their reading books daily with them to help build up their confidence with blending.

Week beginning 4th December

We have had a busy week practising our Nativity and doing some super artwork. We have also started making some Christmas cards based on our maths this week which has been about length and using the terms longer and shorter.

Here is this week's phonics update.

Week beginning 27.11.23

We had a lovely visit to the Methodist Church for the Advent service. Year 2 led the service beautifully and one of our superstars had to go to the front and help light the first Advent candle.

We have had lots of fun this week in our learning. We have had fun in the snow and we have decorated our Christmas tree. We made a band and we gave Elton John a run for his money!

Here is the phonics video for this week. It covers sh, th, ng, nk.

Week beginning 20.11.23

These weeks are whizzing by. I can't believe it is Friday already! We have had a busy week in Reception learning new graphemes and learning how to add and subtract within 6. We have had fun playing outside in the wind, rolling conkers down ramps and playing in the mud. 

Here is the phonics video for this week. It focuses on z, zz, qu, ch and words ending in s.

Week beginning 13.11. 23

This week we have continued to learn about Remembrance Day and Diwali and we also learnt about Children in Need. We had a range of activities Pudsey bear related and we had fun wearing non-uniform to try and raise some money for the charity. we had a fun afternoon on Monday because we watched a pantomime. It was so funny and Mrs Jagger and Mr Moss had to go on stage and dance!


Here is the phonics video for this week. It shows the graphemes v, w, x, y and the tricky words has, his, her, and.

Week beginning 6.11.23

Thank you to everyone who attended the Phonics meeting today (Tuesday) For those of you who were unable to attend I have put a pdf copy of the presentation here and I have also put a copy at the top of this page under the useful documents section.

Click here


Here is this week's phonics video where it focuses on the digraphs ss, ff, ll and j

We have listened to lots of stories this week all about different festivals and celebrations which have been taking place. We talked about why we have bonfire night, Remembrance Day and the Hindu festival of Diwali. See if your child can remember anything about these stories. I didn't get many photographs this week as we have been so busy but here are a few to share with you.

Week beginning 23.10.23

We have had a fun final week for this half term. We can't believe we have been in school for 8 weeks already! Here are some photos of us having fun with our friends. We have been washing the fences and hammering golf tees into pumpkins. We are going to be cutting into a pumpkin to see, feel and smell what is inside.

Just a reminder that we break up on Thursday this week and we are not in school next week. Please return all books on the regular days the first week back. 

There will not be a phonics video this week as we have been doing assessments.


Week beginning 16.10.23

We have had a super busy week in Reception. We have made some beautiful clay hedgehogs and we have been rolling conkers through paint. We have been reading and writing lots and we have been playing with our friends.

We had our meeting this week to talk to parents and carers about expectations in Reception. Don't worry if you couldn't make it, you can see a copy of the presentation here and I will pop it at the top of this page as well under 'Useful documents'.

Don't forget it is Parents' evening next Thursday. The times have been popped on your letter and given to your children so they should be in their bags. If you have not made an appointment I will call you at some point to discuss your child's progress.

Here is the video for this week's phonics update and some extra practise for the assessments next week.

Week beginning 9.10.23

Here is the phonics video for this week. Apologies about the late upload.

We have had a great week so far. Today (Wednesday) we had lots of fun splashing in the rain (and no one needed to change their socks!) We rubbed out chalk graphemes with brushes and we made invisible men when we took our waterproofs off because our wellies stayed in our trousers. It was so funny!

We also had a fantastic first visit to Church for the Harvest festival service which was led by Year 3. We walked with our Year 6 buddies and were praised for being so sensible by Mrs Wyatt.

Week beginning 2.10.23

Here is the phonics video for this week. Please practise the graphemes with your child as it is very important they can instantly recall them.

Thank you to everyone who has been helping the children learn the graphemes at home. It is so important that the children instantly recognise these so that when it comes to reading they can say them and then blend them. For your reference we have learnt 

s a t p i n m d g o 

The tricky word we have learnt is 'is'

I will write the tricky words at the top of this page so that you can keep up to date and help your child ready them.

We have had a lovely week so far focusing on Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk in the school grounds on Monday and then we made some beautiful pictures using the Autumn treasures we found.

We have also been looking at repeating patterns in maths and we have even used some of our Autumn treasures, e.g. pine cone, leaf, pine cone, leaf. 

We have also started our Reading Practice groups so this week the children have enjoyed getting to know the Reading Squad teachers and have listened to a story with them. Next week we will be reading to them!

If your child does anything at home you would like to share with me then please upload it to Tapestry as I look at it quite regularly and it is a good way to share your child's learning. It could be anything from maths work to drawing to cutting up their food to putting on wellies independently to reading.

Week beginning 25.9.23

Here is the phonics video for this week. Please ensure that you practice these with your child as it is important that they recognise them.

Week beginning 18.9.23

This week we will start our phonics lessons. We will be learning the s, a, t, p sounds. At the end of the week I will pop a video on here which shows you how we learn our sounds and how we pronounce them. We follow the Little Wandle scheme and in the next few weeks your child will be bringing a book from from this scheme once we have started our Reading Practice sessions. They will also be bringing home a Library sharing book with you soon.

Here is the phonics video for this week. Please ensure your child knows these sounds and practises them regularly as this will help them with their reading of words in future weeks.

Here we are enjoying our learning this week.

week beginning 11.9.23

This week we had more fun getting to know our new friends and exploring our classroom. 

We had a lovely first week at Big School and the children enjoyed making new friends and exploring their new classroom and outside area. Even the sun made an appearance for us!

Your child was given a letter for a Parent Pay account. Please activate this account as soon as possible. If you have any problems then please speak to Mrs Irving in the office.

I have set up Tapestry accounts for all children in Reception. Please login to this via the activation email you should have received (Primary contact). If you have any problems with this then please let me know via email and I will do my best to help you.

Next week (Monday 11th September) we will be completing the Statutory Reception Baseline. You can also send your child's Treasure box in from Monday onwards. We will work through these a couple a day so please do not worry if your child says they haven't shown it yet, we will get through them all over a couple of weeks.

Here are some photos of some of the children enjoying their play.  

Tricky words we have learnt so far. Please practise these with your child regularly. I will update these weekly.

I, the, is, as, has, his, her, go, no, to, into, and, he, she, of, we, me, be, was, you, they, my, by, all, are, sure, pure, said, so, have, like, here, were, some, come, love, do, little, says, when, what, there, one, out

Week beginning 12.6.23

We had our Reception Learning Cafe today (Tuesday) and it was so well attended. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to share in their child's learning. We had all sorts of activities happening and everyone seemed to have a lovely time. Thank you to everyone who has emailed with lovely messages.

Here are some photos of our morning for you to enjoy.

Week beginning 6.6.23

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely break. The children have been excitedly talking about what they have done in the holidays and have shared this in their writing this week. 

We have started learning about our new value of 'Courage' and have talked about times when we had to be brave.

We had a lovely RE lesson on Wednesday where we shared our favourite books.

Week beginning 22.5.23

Just a reminder that we have our class photo on Friday. We break up tomorrow and are back a week on Tuesday (6th June).

We have had a lovely week in Reception this week as we have had lots of visitors (police, HSBC bank, Hand to Mouth) and we have been to church. Here are some photos we want to share with you.

Here we are drawing some maps of our village in chalk.

Week beginning 15.5.23

We had a fantastic start to our week with a visit from two Paramedics. We learnt what to do in an emergency and we even bandaged each other up! We had a Year 4 visitor who was able to show us how to carry out CPR and some of us even got to try on the Paramedic jacket and helmet.

We then heard that there was another surprise because in the school grounds was an abulance that we were allowed to go inside and we even had the blue light and sirens on.

We also had a lovely RE lesson where we were doing lots of creative work based on churches. Here are some photos of our creations.

Here is the phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 9.5.23

Here is the phonics video for this week.

We have been extremely lucky this week as we had a real life superhero in our classroom! A firefighter (one of our superstar's daddy) came to talk to us about his job and he even dressed up our teachers in his firefighter suit! 

He talked to us about fire safety in our homes and how we should all have smoke alarms on every level in our homes. If anyone needs any smoke alarms then please see Mrs Jagger. See if your child can remember any of the jobs a firefighter does.

We had a fabulous time. Thank you so much for coming in to visit us.

Week beginning 3.5.23

Well to say we have only had a 3 day week we have packed in a lot of learning! On top of all that, Evil Pea has returned and has been causing all sort of upset to our veggies in class. We made some traps and two of our superstars suggested putting some water in the freezer which he might fall into if he went in there and guess what...he did! Lots of his guards did as well but then we melted the ice and they escaped again. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

We have been enjoying learning about Special places in RE and about friendships in Jigsaw. Jigsaw Jenie has enjoyed looking for children who have been showing they are a good friend.

We enjoyed celebtrating the King's Coronation with a special (indoor) picnic.

Week beginning 24.4.23

Week beginning 17.4.23

Welcome back to the Summer Term! I can't believe we are saying that already. I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and ate lots of chocolates. Hopefully the children have talked to you about what they have learnt about Easter.

We have had a good start to the half term and have got straight into our learning. Here are some photos of us in our learning. We have been on a lovely nature walk in the school grounds, we have been planting peas, sunflowers and broad beans and we have been making Supertatoes. All this as well as our regular phonics, writing and maths lessons! I have also added the Phonics video for this week below.

Week beginning 27.3.23

A huge photo drop here as I loved looking through the photos the children have taken this week. Something tells me they have discovered the selfie button! This is only a fraction of the photos on the Ipad this week!! 

We enjoyed a theatre trip to see Zog. It was absolutely fantastic and the children were praised by a member of the public for their behaviour. She said she would have never known there was a class of children sitting behind her. Well done Reception :-)

Over the holidays keep practising those tricky words which are in blue just above and also go through your phonics home learning sheets. After the holidays we are starting phase 4. The videos will start up again and so will the weekly Little Wandle sheets. This week we did some phonics assessments. After Easter I will email you if your child is taking part in extra phonics sessions and I will also be sending home the sounds the children need to practise.

We made a beautiful Easter cross this week which is displayed in one of our windows and it looks lovely. We also talked about keeping our hands clean and we all had a go at washing our hands. 

We also had our Eggsibition which was absolutely fantastic! The entries were amazing and the creativity has gone to another level. The whole school took turns to go into the hall to see the eggs displayed and the comments were all positive. Mrs Wyatt and Miss Reid had a very difficult job deciding a winner from each class! 

After the holidays we are starting our new topic 'Do All Superheroes wear a cape?' If you or anyone you know is in a job which helps people (e.g. dentist, doctor, nurse, dentist, fire fighter, builder etc) then please make yourself known to Mrs Jagger as we would love to have you in class to talk to the children.

Week beginning 20th March

We have made some beautiful Easter gardens today (Wednesday) and we wanted to share them with you.

Week beginning 6th March

We had a lovely RE lesson on Thursday where we learnt about Good Friday.. We looked at different images of crosses then we spotted some on some hot cross buns. Then we ate some hot cross buns. Some of us really enjoyed them but some of us weren't so keen. 

We also had some snow on Thursday so we got some photos of us enjoying that. If you have any photos from today's snow day (Friday) then email them to me and I will pop them on here to share with your friends. Please only send photos which you are happy to share on here. I hope you have had lots of fun playing in the snow.

There is no phonics video for this week as my word cards are at school. We have continued to focus on longer words which contain at least 2 digraphs, such as chatter, farmer etc. We have also been revisiting words from previous weeks. I will send home a learning sheet on Monday which goes into more detail about what we have covered.

Week beginning 27.2.23

Your child has brought home a letter today which needs to be returned on Monday. It is for a trip to the theatre to see Zog and it needs consent. Please give them to me on Monday morning at the gate. All children were given a World Book Day voucher as well so enjoy choosing a new book with that.

What a busy week we have had! Dino fever has taken hold and there have been some amazing constructions made to house the dinosaurs. 

We made palm leaves and re-enacted Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a donkey.

We also had World Book Day and saw some fantastic costumes and story boxes. Thank you to everyone for your amazing efforts. Here are some photographs of our week.                                                                        


Here is the phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 20.2.23

In PE we have started learning how to throw and catch. We are starting with bean bags and we had great fun but there is a lot to remember! We also know how important it is to warm up before we do sport so we did some stretches.

On Wednesday we went to Church for the Ash Wednesday service which was led by Year 5.

This week we had Shrove Tuesday which is also known as Pancake Day so of course we just had to have some pancakes! We enjoyed learning about why people eat pancakes and we loved talking about what we were going to have on our pancakes tonight at home!

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we will be going to Church for a special service at 2pm. 

Week beginning 6.2.23

Please remember that next week it is half term so there is no school.

We have had a great week in provision as we have been learning about some Antarctic explorers and we have made some sledges and had great fun whizzing around outside in them! There was so much laughter and so many happy faces. We made Base Camps for us to go back to for rests.

The team work was incredible!

Here we are playing a game in one of our maths lessons. We were learning how to count on from a number by rolling a dice and making the right number of jumps. We couldn't go past 10 and we had to finish exactly. 

There is no phonics video this week as it has been assessment week.

Week beginning 30.1.23

Here is the phonics video for this week.

We had a fantastic time making our ice pictures this week. We added glitter and sequins to water and then put them into the freezer to create ice pictures. We turned them out and were amazed at how beautiful they looked. Here are some photos of us exploring our pictures. We predicted that as time went on they would melt...and we were right!

We have had a lovely afternoon learning about the Hindu tradition of Raksha Bandan where sisters give their brothers a bracelet. We learnt that it has now expanded and people give them to friends and parents so we got out our bracelet making kits and some of us made bracelets for people we care about. The bracelets represent love and protection.

We had a real treat this afternoon. As it has been a cold January we have been talking about ways of keeping warm and one of those ways is to have a hot drink so we all got togged up in our coats and we sat under the shelter (because it was raining) and we had a delicious cup of hot chocolate whilst we listened to the story that won the book vote. It was fun and the hot chocolate was so yummy people got seconds!

Week beginning 23.1.23

We have had a fantastic week in Reception this week. We have enjoyed learning more about The Arctic and the people who live there and we have been using 2Simple to do some drawings of some Arctic animals.

Here is the Phonics video for this week.

Week beginning 16.1.23

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New year, also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. This year it is celebrated on Sunday 22nd January. We have done lots of lovely activities in class and today we tasted some beautiful food. 

We also had great fun playing out in the surprise snow this morning!

Here are some photos of us enjoying our provision this week. If you look at our windows in the morning you will see some of the beautiful lanterns we have made.

Week beginning 9.1.23

This week we started our new topic of Pole to Pole and we began by learning about the largest predators in the world, polar bears. Today (Wednesday) we had our cafe and lots of parents came into class to help us make some polar bears. It was lovely to see so many of you in class and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did!

Some of us had the best time in the rain! We togged up and had a good old splash in some pretty big puddles. 

Look at this fantastic writing from two of our superstars. We made up a story in the Arctic tray and then they wrote it down. Mrs Wyatt was very impressed and gave them both a sticker!

Welcome back to a new term in Reception. Our topic is 'Pole to Pole' and you will find more information about this topic on our newsletter which will be emailed to you very soon.

Please note that this half term our PE day has moved back to Thursday. Also a reminder that it is our Reception cafe on Wednesday next week at 2pm. You are invited into class to work with your child, we will be making polar bears!

I'm afraid we do not have many photos from this week as we have been so busy and we have forgotten to take any. It has been wonderful to see how well the children have returned to school and how keen they have been to get back into their learning. The grown ups in class have loved being back.

Please find the phonics video below. 


Well it's our final week of our Autumn term, I can't believe how quickly it has gone! We have had such a busy time with Enterprise, making tree decorations, putting on a Nativity play and of course carrying on with our regular teaching and learning! Here are some photos of us this week enjoying the ice and playing with our friends.

I decided not to do a phonics video last week as it was mostly recapping in preparation for our phonics assessments. There will not be one this week either as we have been assessing this week. 

We hope you liked your sock snowmen which the children brought home last Friday. We were so pleased with how they turned out and hope they have settled into their new homes. 

A reminder that Thursday is Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day. The children wear their uniform as normal but they can wear a Christmas jumper instead of their school jumper / cardigan.

On Friday we are having our party. The children can come in non-uniform but please remember that they will still be going outside to play so need to be dressed appropriately.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner today!

Here are some photos of us in our costumes. I didn't want to post them earlier in the week as you hadn't seen them on stage in them!

Week beginning 28.11.22

Hopefully the phonics video will open this time. I have written the tricky words above.

We have had such a fun week in Reception this week. We have been practising our Nativity in the hall, we have made some beautiful Christmas decorations and some of us have been and collected sticks so that we can make Stickman! We have been to Church and watched Year 2 lead the most amazing Advent service and we have explored what makes lights turn on and off.

Week beginning 21.11.22

Apologies that I am a little late uploading things this week.

We sent home Nativity lines on Thursday with the children who have them. Please practise them with your child as we will be practising it next week. Thanks so much for your support with this.

We have had a super work in class, we have been really busy and we have now buddied up with Y6. There are some photos below showing us with our Y6 buddy. Y6 have been rewriting the Lord's Prayer so that younger children can understand it. Mr S told them that they would be giving their work to Reception so Y6 took extra special care over them and enjoyed sharing them with our children. As it was such a lovely session we have decided that we are going to continue these sessions and make Reading buddies. The Year 6 children will share our reading books with us and then they will write in our reading records so please make sure they are in your child's book bag on Fridays.

We had fun in Maths making different shapes using 4 cubes. Who knew there were so many ways you could do it!

We also took our paper and clipboards outside and had a go at drawing some trees. We have some fantastic artists in our class.

Here is the Phonics video for this week.

Please see tricky words in blue above. These are the ones we have learnt so far.

Week beginning 14.11.22

We have had such a busy week in Reception. It was Jigsaw Jenie's birthday on Monday so the children decided to decorate the Home Corner for him. They made paper chains which were great exercise for their fingers. On Thursday we made some buns and on Friday we had a party and ate the buns! We also had fun doing Children in Need activities, I think the children's favourite one was making Pudsey ears!

We had lots of fun getting togged up and splashing in the rain as well. It really has been a busy but fun week.

We sent home a slip with each child on Friday explaining what part they have in the Nativity and whether or not they need any additional clothing. Next week we will be sending home any lines that the children need to learn and we will be practising them in class.

Here are some photos of us enjoying our learning this week.

Here is the phonics video for this week

These photos are from last week where the children set up a dining table and served up an absolute feast!

Week beginning 7.11.22

We have had another super week in Reception. We have been very busy creating some beautiful poppy paintings and learning about Remembrance Day. We also enjoyed telling our bonfire night news!

Here is this week's phonics video. Apologies about the end where I list the tricky words we have learnt. I said we had learnt 'to' but we haven't yet, we have learnt I, the, is and as.

Week beginning 31.10.22

Welcome back! 

We have had a lovely week. There will be no phonics video this week as we have had our assessment week. 

Today we did some yoga in class and it was so much fun!


We had a letter delivered to us today by mistake, it was meant for Percy the Park Keeper! It was from the park manager asking Percy to make a list of all the things he has in his hut. Some of the children thought they had seen Percy outside so they went looking for him. They found footprints and hand prints so some children started drawing maps of where he might live. It was so exciting, especially when one of our super stars said she thought she had seen Percy doing backflips along our outdoor trail! Here we are in our independent learning.

Another of our superstars found a snail today and he showed such compassion. He looked after it so well and named it Bobby. He made sure he had leaves and when he put him down he made sure that he was away from where people might stand on him. What a super day we have had. I'm excited for tomorrow already!

Here are some photos of us in our learning enjoying building up our muscles by hammering golf tees into Autumnal vegetables! Look at the concentration on our faces. So many of us wanted a turn we had to be very patient and wait until it was our turn.

If you have any carboard tubes at home then please can you send them into school ready for our firework painting and making this week and next.



Your child has come home today with their Christmas card design. Please follow the instructions to place your order.


Here are some photos of our classroom for your to see. 

Week beginning 17.10.22

We had a great time at the church service today. We walked there so sensibly and all the adults were so proud of us. 



Here are some photos of today's lunch. The Sunday lunch has the option of gravy.

Week beginning 10.10.22

Here is the phonics video update for this week.

We had a lovely time this afternoon on our Autumn walk in the school grounds. We found some beautiful Autumn treasures which had beautiful colours on them. We collected some in our bags and then made a beautiful collaborative autumn collage (and we added some glitter to make it even more beautiful) Some of us chose to make our own Autumn collage in the classroom and they looked fantastic as well.

Week beginning 3.10.22

We have had another busy week in Reception. We had the parachute out in PE but unfortunately we were having such a good time Mrs Jagger forgot to take any photos!

We have started to put some photos onto Tapestry so keep an eye out for those. You can also add your own photos and little explanations of what is happening for Mrs Lancaster and I to see.

We also started learning what happens in our Reading Practice sessions and we got into groups and met some of the adults who will be working with us. Here we are in our groups enjoying some stories. Next week we will be reading to a grown up!


We had fun in Provision with our friends.

Here is the Phonics update for this week.

Week beginning 30.9.22

We have had another super week in class. We have been learning about the Creation Story and have created a beautiful display in the corridor showing the different things that Christians believe God created. Some of us also used some of our loose parts and created our own model of the Creation story showing clouds, animals, people, rainbows and the sun, stars and moon. 

Try reading words which include these sounds, e.g. dip, din, nap, sat, it, pin, pan, tip, in

Week beginning 20.9.22

This week we continued our daily phonics sessions and we started a daily short Maths session as well. We also did our first RE session so we have really had a busy week. We have also had lots of fun playing with our new friends. We had a go at taking selfies too which was fun!

Here are some photos of us in our learning.

Today (Friday) we went into the hall for our first Collective Worship. On Fridays it is Achievers so here are the superstars from Reception who got a certificate this week. Everyone was so impressed with how well we walked into the hall and how we sat and listened so well to Mrs Wyatt. 




Here is our Phonics video update for this week.

Week beginning 12.9.22

On Friday we are starting our phonics lessons. We are starting with the 's' phoneme. Each week I will put a video on here so that you can see what we have been learning that week. The children may come home with a sticker on them (they may peel them off before they get home though!)

Super star emails - Occasionally I send emails home to let you know that your child is a super star and why, so keep an eye out for these in your inbox! We are not going into Celebrations Collective Worship just yet but when we do the children will start bringing home certificates for different readons

We started sharing our treasure boxes that we made at home with our grown ups. There are some beautiful boxes. We will be taking something out of each box and putting it on our wall and when we have shown our box we will bring it home. 

Thank you for the amazing efforts you have put into making them.

I will be giving out certificates for the Summer reading challenge this week so please ensure you pass them to Mrs Jagger on the gate.

I have attached the Autumn 1 newsletter to the top of this page.

We had a fantastic day on Friday. We did lots of playing and we have learnt how to walk in a line and we have started to put our hands up when we want to talk on the carpet. We have done lots and lots of singing and dancing and we played a fun game where we had to guess who was hiding under the blanket.

Look at the concentration on our faces. We are really enjoying our learning and playing with our new friends.

Day 2

Well today has been super exciting as we continued to explore our new school for the first time without our adults. We had such fun and the sun came out for us when we went outside! Here are some more photos of us getting to know our new friends and enjoying our learning.

Welcome to Reception at All Hallows' C of E Primary School, we are so excited to get to know you all. We had a fantastic first day. and below are some photographs of us exploring our new classroom.

2021-22 cohort

It is hugely important that the children can read all of the tricky words and graphemes that have been sent home. Please continue to practise these daily so that the children become fluent and are able to then recognise them in words.

For your reference they are listed here

Phase 2

is, I, the, and, has, his, her, into, as, she, he, of, no, go, to, me, we, be

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, l, ll, j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, ss, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, nk

Phase 3

my, by, all, are, sure, pure, you, was, they

ai, ee, igh, oa, oo (as in moon and as in hook), ar, or, ur, ow, ear, air, er

Phase 4 (I will add these as we learn them)

 said, so, have, like, some, come, love, do, were, here, there, when, what, one, out, today



Week beginning 18.7.22

Apologies that I have been very quiet on here recently. Here are some photos of us in our learning over the past few weeks.

Today (Thursday) we made sandwiches in class and then ate them! They were delicious!

Here are a selection of photos in Provision. Please note, these are not taken during the heatwave.

Unfortunately I am unable to put many Sports Day photos on due to teams being mixtures of each year group. Thank you for your understanding.

Keeping cool in the heatwave!

Week beginning 20.6.22

We had a fantastic trip to The Deep today (Wednesday) to support our learning on 'Blue Planet'. The children's behaviour was commented on and the staff there could not believe it was their first ever school trip.

Here are some photos of our day.

I have more to add so watch this space!

Some of these photos may be duplicated so apologies if you've seen them in the gallery above.

Week beginning 13.6.22

Just a reminder that it is our school trip next Wednesday. Children need to be in school by 8.15am and we are due to return at 3.30pm. If your child is at an out of school club in the morning or after school please can you advise them.


Here are some photos of us in our learning this week.

We had HSBC bank in to talk to us about money and how to look after our money.

Week beginning 7.6.22

Thank you to everyone who brought a book in for our RE session. We really enjoyed sharing our favourite books with each other.


Week beginning 23.5.22

If you would like to support your child at home with their Phase 3 and Phase 4 phonics I have attached some phonics activities here

Phase 3 booklet

Phase 4 booklet

Phase 4 wordsearch

Phase 4 wordsearch

Phase 4 wordsearch

Phase 4 wordsearch

Phase 4 tricky words


Here is a link to the parents' section of the Little Wandle website if you are interested in learning more about the Little Wandle approach https://www.littlewandlelettersandsounds.org.uk/resources/for-parents/


 Just a reminder that it is our class photograph on Friday 27th May.

On Thursday afternoon we are hoping to go on a walk around Almondbury to support our topic of 'Do All Superheroes wear a Cape?' We will be looking at different buildings where people help us, e.g. doctors surgery, church, Co-op, Post Office. Please ensure your child has sensible footwear on and as we will not be doing PE as well they need to have their uniforms on. If it is sunny then please provide your child with a cap and put sun cream on before school.


On Tuesday we had a very exciting visit from a Fire Fighter. He told us all about his job and showed us his uniform. He answered our questions and showed us how to do the 'BA Shuffle'! We would like to say a massive thank you to him for coming in on his day off to talk to us about how he helps people and what his job involves.

On Wednesday we had a visit from a Detective and he brought some PCs with him. He told us all about how he has to solve clues to find out what happened and then everyone who wanted to could try on some uniform. We would like to say a massive thank you to the Police for coming into our class to talk to us today we had a really great time. Thank you for answering our questions as well.

Week beginning 16.5.22

We had a lovely (and busy) week this week. We were very fortunate to have visits from a Scientist and a police officer. We would like to say another massive thank you to both visitors for giving up their time to come and talk to us. As one of our super stars said, "It was fascinating!" 

Next week we have a visit from a fire fighter and a detective. Here are some photos of us in our learning.

We had great fun on the bikes making roads and creating a car wash! You might even be able to see that some of our seeds that we planted a couple of weeks ago have started to grow!

Here is the phonics update from this week.

Week beginning 9.5.22

A little job for you at home this weekend. Please put your child’s name in the centre of a piece of paper. Then family and friends write down all the things that they like most about them. You can decorate these if you wish with drawings, stickers, patterns. Please send these into school by Friday 20th May.


This week we have decided to tidy up our gardening area. We bought some seeds and compost and set to clearing out the old sinks and tyres. Some of us spent each outdoor session doing this and absolutely loved it!


Here are some photos of us playing our Maths game. We started with two full 10 frames then we had to roll the dice and subtract that number. The winner was the person who took the last counter and it had to be exact.


Week beginning 2.5.22

Wowsers trousers! What a week! We have had such a busy week considering it has only been 4 days, I expect the children are exhaused! Hand to Mouth, Bikeability, a visit from a Paramedic and huge news...THE TRIM TRAIL AND SANDPIT ARE OPEN!!

Mrs Wyatt brought some scissors and we had a grand opening then had a good long play out there.

When the Paramedic came we bandaged each other up, saw the uniform and learnt about the reflective strips then we saw her use a stethoscope and we pretended to drive an ambulance with the sirens playing. It was so good to hear about the life of a real life superhero. Thank you Jenny for giving up your time to visit us in Reception.

On Tuesday we had Hand to Mouth in to work with us and we learnt about the Creation Story. we listened and sang a song then we made our own animal puppets.


Paramedic visit

The grand opening of the trim trail. Mrs Wyatt couldn't wait to try it out!