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Teacher: Mrs Jagger


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Lancaster 

Mrs Chambers (HLTA)


 Reception Expectations PowerPoint Sept 2021 Click here

Autumn 1 Newsletter click here


You can contact me at catherine.jagger@kirkleeseducation.uk 

PE is every Thursday and the children can come to school in their PE kits. They will stay in them all day so please make sure any jumpers or hoodies are named. 



Wow wow wow! The children have impressed us so much today with how sensible they were walking to and from church. In church they sat beautifully and listened to the other classes perform their songs and prayers and of course they performed their own song really well. I think the Strictly judges would say A.Ma.Zing!

As we walked out of church one of our superstars said, "That was amazing!" 

Lots of adults in school have come to see us to say how super they were and how well they all behaved so well done everyone. 


Week beginning 11th October

Here is this week's phonics video. Please practise these graphemes and phonemes with your child as we will be seeing which ones they can remember next week.

We have taken lots of photos of the children in provision this week to share with you. The children have really focused this week and have produced some fabulous work. The children are so kind to one another it is really wonderful to see.

 Here are our Superstar achievers this week. Well done to you all, we are so proud of you :-)



Just a reminder about Parents' evening slips. I will be handing out times on Friday so if you have not returned your form yet please do so ASAP.

Please keep practising the phonemes we have covered in class. We practise them daily but any extra practise will help your child. Please also keep practising your child's name with them. We have seen a massive improvement and we will be starting to ask the children to write their names as one of their morning jobs from tomorrow, but again, extra practice would help.

We are having another lovely week in Reception. This week we have been creating repeating patterns using objects and colours. Last week we went on an Autumn walk in our school grounds and looked at the change in the trees and the weather. We all collected some autumn treasures and then brought them back to class to create an Autumn collage.

Week beginning 4th October

Here are the phonemes we have been practising in class this week.

We have had another super week in Reception. The children are really getting into our routine and are enjoying learning lots of new and exciting things. We have been drawing maps this week showing our houses and we have been putting places we know on them.

It has certainly been a mixed bag weather wise but we have still had lots of fun outside making conker runs, chalking and building towers which were taller and shorter than Mrs Lancaster's! We even found some helicopter leaves from a Sycamore tree so we had lots of fun watching then spin as we threw them in the air. One of our superstars found them and enjoyed showing his friends how to throw them up in the air.

 Here are our Superstar Achievers for this week. Well done to you all :-)


Week beginning 27th September

Here are our superstar achievers for this week. Well done to you all and keep up the good work.



Here is the Phonics video for this week. Examples of words you can orally blend and ask your child to read are; sat, sit, pit, pat, dip, pad, it, an, man, map, pan. Please encourage your child to practise writing the graphemes following the formation phrases / mnemonics on the video using a good pencil grip.

 Click here for a copy of the formation phrases (mnemonics) we use.

This week some of the children chose to bring home their first library book. This is a book to read for pleasure at home. Please return this book next Wednesday as this is our next Library session. 

Just a reminder that we have PE on Thursday.


We have been doing lots of sorting and matching in our Maths lessons this week. Following one of the lessons I showed the children my Grandma's button box and some of the children chose to look at the buttons and sort them. It was so lovely to see the children sorting them in different ways. We had some that sorted into blue and not blue, we had two groups who sorted them into shiny and not shiny and one group sorted them into buttons with 4 holes and buttons without 4 holes. Well done everyone.

We will get the buttons out in Provision for the children to sort through in different ways.

Week beginning 20th September

Here is the Phonics video I have been promising. Please practise these phonemes regularly with your child, including writing the grapheme. Your child does not have to just do the letter formation on paper, they can do it in a tray of sand / flour / glitter or chalk it on the ground or dip a paint brush in water and 'paint' the grapheme. Have fun!

Here are our Achievers from the past 2 weeks. Well done Superstars!




Thank you to everyone who attended the Zoom meeting this morning. A copy of the slideshow can be found at the top of this page. I hope you found it helpful but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via email. It is catherine.jagger@kirkleeseducation.uk


Thank you for your co-operation at home time with swapping gates. This change is due to congestion on the corner and outside other class rooms. 

We have had a super week of learning in Reception. We have started our Phonics lessons and have so far learnt s, a, t and p. We have been practising our writing and getting our letter formation spot on. We have also been working on our pencil grips. Please can we ask that you help your child with their pencil grip if they are writing at home. A pincer grip is preferred. These pictures might help you help your child.




At the end of every week I will try to pop on a video of what we have covered in Phonics and help you with pronunciation and to show you how you can help your child with their phonics at home.

We have loved listening to the children share their treasure boxes in class and we are getting a beautiful display in our classroom which the children (and other staff) are enjoying looking at. We are still working our way through them so if your child has not brought one in yet and still wants to there is still time. 

Just a reminder about our Reception Zoom meeting on Friday morning at 9.30am. I have sent the link in an email but if you need it again please email me at catherine.jagger@kirkleeseducation.uk and I can resend it. If you are unable to attend the meeting do not worry as I will pop the Powerpoint at the top of this page following the meeting. If you do have any questions then please email me and I will get back to you.

PE - We had so much fun in PE today working with our parachute. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photographs as we were having so much fun!




Please check your child's hair regularly for unwanted visitors.

We have had some fun in Provision today and we have also been taking selfies! Look at our huge smiles whilst we are in our learning areas.

We are still awaiting permission for some children to have their photographs on the website. If Mrs Irving has emailed you about this please go and see her in the office as soon as possible. Thanks




Welcome to our new Reception children. We have had a super couple of days so far and the children have blown us away with how well they came into school this morning! Watch this space for some photos of us making new friends and exploring our classroom.

In the next few weeks we will be arranging parent / carer log in details for Tapestry, which is our online Learning journey, where observations are recorded. As parents / carers you will also be able to upload your own observations to show us what superstars your children are at home.

If your child has an accident at school, such as a trip, bump, cut / graze, toileting accident we will inform you via Medical Tracker which will send you an email so please check your emails regularly, including your junk folder.

You will soon be receiving a newsletter which has information about the learning we will be doing this half term. This will be sent via email and there will also be a copy of it at the top of this class page.

I will give you plenty of notice when PE is starting.

Please put your child’s name in every item of clothing, including wellies.
































As promised, here is the slideshow with our September photos that I could not get working in the Zoom. I had it to the backing music 'Reach for the Stars' but I can't do that on here. It may be possible but I don't know how to do it! I can't believe how much they have grown!

Apologies it took a while to get on but as it is now online I had to ensure each photograph was GDPR compliant. Thank you for your patience and enjoy :-)

I want to thank you all for everything you have done this year to support your child in their learning and their first year at All Hallows'. Despite the challenges we have had a lovely year and I can honestly say that I am going to miss them so much. The kindness, care and compassion they show to one another shines through and I know that this will continue as they go through school. I always tell them how proud I am of them and I absolutely mean it. They have embraced everything with enthusiasm and I honestly could not be prouder and can't wait to see them flourish further as they go through school.
I hope to see as many of the children as possible on our final Zoom session this afternoon so we can have our final Fun Time Friday together.
I wish you all a lovely, safe and happy summer.

Mrs Jagger



As you move up to Year 1 we wave you off with pride

We know you will be amazing with good friends by your side.

We have lots of memories of laughter and of fun

And we'll watch with pride as we see you bloom further in Year 1.


Mr Moss is a lucky man you have a class like you

You have more amazing times to come, learning all things new

You will "blow our socks off" lots of times as we watch you all go far.

Just know you are all superstars just the way you are.


Love from Mrs Jagger, Miss Bushby and Mrs Lancaster 





Sorry I have been a little quiet on here but we have been very busy in class and have been producing some fantastic work. I hope you enjoy these photos of us in our learning.

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who sent a book in. The children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their books and hearing some new stories and some old favourites.

Here are the achievers from last week. From left to right we have Dojo winner, Achiever, Values, Achiever, Values. Well done to all of our Superstars!


Week beginning 14th June

Just a reminder about sending your child's favourite book into school this week. I shared mine today and it was also Mrs Lancaster's favourite!



We have really enjoyed sharing our special books with our friends. We haven't managed to read them all yet so we have them in school still and will share them next week.

Here are some of the books we have read so far


Wre had such fun in PE on Thursday. We played some parachute games and we finished off by throwwing lots of balls onto the parachute and we had to fling them off!



We have had lots of fun in Provision. We have been reading the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' Here are some photos of us in our learning.



Here are our superstar achievers this week. Well done to all of you! PS I have your certificates in school so I will give them out on Monday (sorry)

 We have (from left to right) Achiever, Values, Dojo, Dojo, Values, Values, Achiever.

Week beginning 8th June

We have had a lovely first week back. We started our new Unit of work which is 'Blue Planet'. The newsletter for this half term will be coming soon and will have more information about the work we are going to be covering. We will email it and also put it on here for you to access.

The children have enjoyed their learning this week. We have also been talking about our school value which is Courage for this half term. We talked about times when we had to be brave and some children did some writing for the display board in the hall.

Here are some photos of us in our learning this week.




Here are our superstar achievers this week. From left to right we have Achiever, Dojo winner, Achiever, Achiever, Values. Well done to you all :-)


We have been very busy getting our classroom ready for the children's return next week. I wonder if you can guess what our unit of work is going to be?!

Our display boards are ready and waiting for some of your fabulous work to go on them.



In RE we are looking at special stories. If you have a favourite book you would like to share with us then bring it in but please make sure it has your name in.

Happy holidays!

I hope you are all having a wonderful half term holiday. Hasn't it been wonderful to have some sunshine?!  

Here are some photos of our fabulous learning in the last week of last half term. We had great fun at our Ugly Bug Ball on the last afternoon where we played games and had a tasty treat to end the half term.

Don't forget, we return to school on Tuesday 8th June. If the sun is still shining please remember to put some sun cream on your child before they come to school as we are unable to apply it in school. Also please provide a named sun hat.

Here are our Superstars from last week. We have 2 Dojo winners, an Always award and an Above and Beyond award. Well done to all of you.


Week beginning 17th May

We have had another super few days of learning and today we turned into very Hungry Caterpillars ourselves and had lots of different fruit in our Funtime Friday fruit party. It was so much fun and the children's manners were beautiful. 





We also made a compliments web using a ball of wool. The children had to stand in a circle and then pass the ball of wool to somebody else in the circle and pay them a compliment. The children loved this activity and were very impressed with the web they made. They said it made them feel good when somebody said something nice about them. 



Here are our superstar achievers for this week. Well done all of you!

Here are some more photos of our super learning. How cute is the little chick made by one of our superstars?!


We had such fun this afternoon using an app called Chatterpix where we made animals talk! It was so funny, we made a snake hiss and we made a dinosaur roar!


Your child should have come home with a time for parents' evening. If the time given is not convenient then please let me know asap. If you have not yet returned your child's form then please do so and I will try my best to fit you in.

Another super start to our week. We have been talking about butterflies and their lifecycle. We watched a video which showed how they go from an egg to a caterpillar, into a chrysallis and then into a butterfly and of course we read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'! We then did some writing about the different stages and we made our grown ups so proud. Mrs Jagger even showed Miss Reid some of our super work.

Here are some photos of us in provision today. 

Week beginning 10th May

Here are our Achievers for this week. Well done, Superstars!



Well the super learning has continued today in Reception class! Today we read the story 'Superworm', then we made a wormery and then in groups the children sequenced the instructions and wrote sentences about what we did. There has been some amazing work. Outside, the children have enjoyed searching for worms but our wormery is now full! They have really enjoyed their learning in Provision. Some of the children have said they are going to make a wormery at home so I have put the instructions below in case you would like to make one. 

Click here for How to make a wormery 

Here are some photos of us enjoying our learning today.


Week beginning 4th May

Wowser trousers! What a fantastic week we had in Reception. The weather ended up being kinder than we thought and we had some super learning taking place outside. One of our superstars found a worm in our outdoor area which he showed real care and concern for as he did not want the worm to get hurt. He created a little area for it and his friends helped him by collecting some leaves, grass and stones. He made sure that no one stood on the worm and everyone was very careful. Next week I think he is going to like our story 'Super Worm' by Julia Donaldson.




The children are really enjoying our 'All Creatures Great and Small' unit of work. So far we have learnt about dinosaurs, farm animals and we are now moving onto Minibeasts. We wil be making a wormery as part of our learning which I for one am very excited about!

We had our Superstar achievers who got awards for doing some fantastic learning and really pushing themselves. Photos will follow so watch this space!

I will upload some photos of the children in their learning very soon so keep an eye on this page.

Have a lovely weekend :-)


Week beginning 26th April

We have had a lovely week in Reception this week. Here are some lovely photos of the children in their independent learning.

Here are our Superstar achievers for this week. Well done Superstars!.

Week beginning 19th April

What another busy week we have had in Reception! Our dinosaur hatched and it was ........a Triceratops! Three of our children predicted this when we checked the graph we had made. Unfortunately it is a little bit of a monkey and every day this week when we have come into class he has been hiding! The children have loved writing sentences and drawing pictures in Provision saying where the dinosaur is hiding.

We have also been learning about how dinosaurs roamed the Earth millions of years ago. We then moved on to looking at how we have changed since we were babies and the children came up with some fantastic ideas, e.g. "I can now listen to adults." "I am stronger." "I can walk." We have been looking at photographs of some of us as babies and have been trying to work out who they are. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent a photograph to me. It has been so much fun seeing how much everyone has changed. Some were really easy to work out and some were really hard. Who do you think this baby is? 

We have been working on our number bonds to 10 as well. 

Here are our superstars this week who got awards in Achievement Collective Worship.

We have had a super week of learning in Reception. Here are some more photos to show you.

Here are our superstar achievers for this week. Well done :-)


Egg update... As we came into the classroom today the egg had started to crack! It was super eggciting!!

This afternoon we went on a walk around our school grounds to look at the things that Christians believe that God created. We had a lovely time exploring the natural environment and seeing things from different angles. We laid down and looked at the sky and saw the clouds moving. We saw pictures in the clouds and we saw the most beautiful patterns that the roots have made in the soil under the big tree in the playground. One of our superstars said, "I love the feeling of the sun on my skin." Another one of our observant superstars noticed that the underside of a daisy was pink! We looked at stones and talked about why some of them are smooth and we smelt the cut grass. We found a ladybird and could hear bird song but unfortunately we found some litter as well so we talked about what people should do with their rubbish. We all had a fabulous afternoon and we hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.

Welcome back to the Summer term! We hope you all had a lovely Easter.

We had such a surprise today in class as Miss Bellwood found an egg in our outdoor area and with it was a pile of cards. The cards all had different dinosaurs on them with some clues. She brought the egg into class and straight away the children were telling her she needed somewhere safe and warm to put it so she put it in Mrs Jagger's scarf! After looking at the cards the children decided that it was a dinosaur egg so we looked at some different dinosaus on the Interactive whiteboard so we could learn some names! The children suggested making a nest to keep it safe so that's what they did. Here are some pictures of the children enjoying thier learning.

We also made a graph with our predictions on of what type of dinosaur might hatch from the egg. T-Rex was the clear winner!

If anybody knows where we can get some cable reels from please can you let me know via email as we need some new ones for our outdoor area. Thanks


We have had such a lovely week in Reception. We have been working with the Beebots, planting new seeds, tasting hot cross buns, making Easter cards, decorating an Easter cross and going on an Easter egg hunt. Here are some photos of us having a lovely time in our learning.

Here are our superstar acheivers this week. As it is the end of the half term we have an 'Always' award, an 'Above and Beyond' award and a Dojo award. These boys have blown us away so a huge well done.

Week beginning 22.3.21

This week in RE we have been learning more about the Easter story. The children have been so engaged in their lessons and have listened so carefully. They have discussed the events of the Christian story so maturely and some children have taken it into provision and have acted out the story. Here are some photos of some of us doing our follow up work. 

Here are our superstar achievers for this week...


We have been so impressed with how well you have all got back in to yourlearning this week we could not pick anyone out so we chose everyone.

Great work reception, we are so proud of you. Don't forget to show your grown ups your certificates.

WB 15.3.21

How lovely has it been to see some sunshine this week! We have made the most of the fine weather and have had lots of fun in Provision building dens. Here are some photos of us in our independent learning.

We have been learning about Palm Sunday in our RE lesson. Today we made our own palm leaves and acted out the story.

Here are our superstar achievers for this week.


A huge well done to all of our class for settling back into their learning so well. We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Here are some photos of us in Provision this afternoon after we had been learning about how Police find clues at a crime scene. We decided to draw around our feet and then measure them using cubes. We did so much maths. We talked about who had more cubes and who had fewer cubes, who was longer and who was shorter, how many more cubes did someone have than someone else and the children absolutely loved it. Some of them moved onto drawing around their hands and did the same activity!

It has been so lovely seeing the children back in school. Some of them literally bounce through the door with huge smiles on their faces!

As soon as they came in yesterday they got straight on to the important business of playing with their friends (after washing their hands). We got some lovely photos of them in provision. I am sure they will make you smile :-) 








I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of our dads / governor, Mr Phillips for making us a brand new mud kitchen. Our previous one was on its last legs and Mr Phillips gave up his time to create this beautiful new kitchen for the children to enjoy. The children were so excited when they saw it in the playground yesterday when they arrived at school and couldn't wait to start using it. So here is a great big 




Here are our super potato entries. Well done to everyone who took part, you smashed it! Miss Bushby also took part, see if you can spot her Evil Pea.







Here are the Powerpoints to help you with your discussions about Lent

Click here (All About Lent)

Click here (All About Ash Wednesday)

Here are the resources you can use to help your child orally or physically order the position the animals came in the Great Race.

With numbers click here

With ordinal numbers click here

Without numbers click here

2D shape powerpoint click here

Antarctic animals powerpoint click here

Go Jetters click here

Here are a couple of lovely powerpoints you can share with your child. It is some information about the Arctic and the people who live there (Inuits)

Photos powerpoint click here

Information powerpoint click here

Here is the maths sheet I couldn't attach to your email. Hopefully you can access it. 

Please click here



We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We will see you in January.

Stay safe

Mrs Jagger, Miss Bushby and Miss Bellwood

We learnt about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world. We learnt that in China paper chains are a popular decoration and some of the children asked to make them in provision. We think they did a wonderful job. Have a look at the concentration on their faces.

Here are our superstars for this week. Well done!      

Today we had our party! It was such a fun afternoon. We played Corners, Musical statues among other games. We also had a disco! It was so lovely to see the children having such a fun time, some of them said, "It was the most fun day ever!" Unfortunately we didn't get photos of all the games as we were having too much fun but here are a few to show you.

Week beginning 14.12.20

The children brought home their Christingle packs today. We talked about the different parts of the Christingle and what they represent and we talked about how to hold them safely at arms' length. Here we have a photo of our first completed Christingle. Don't forget to email me your photos and I will put them on here to share with everyone.

Well done, it is beautiful.

Here are some more beautiful Christingles. I am so proud you have remembered to hold them away from your bodies.




A reminder that on Thursday it is our Christmas dinner and the children can wear a Christmas jumper. We will also be having our party. It's going to be a super excting day! We will not be doing PE on Thursday.


Enter text...

Here are some fantastic photos of the children in provision this week. There has been some super independent learning taking place.


Week beginning 7.12.20

What a busy week we have had! I will upload some photos of what we have been doing so watch this space. Here are this week's superstar achievers.

Also, just another reminder about our Enterprise projects. The children have been working hard on their items to sell so if you would like to buy your child's item then please pay £3 on Parent Pay as soon as possible. Here is one of the items we have been making, there is another but we haven't photographed them yet.

On Friday we had a visit from some ladies from All Hallows' Church. We went into the hall and they talked to us about Christingles. We each are going to receive our own Christingle kit to take home and make with our grown ups. In class next week we will talk more about the different parts of the Christingle and what they represent.

Please send me your finished photos and I will upload them to our website. Can I also ask that you upload them to Tapestry please. 

Week beginning 30.11.20

Reading books and water bottles

Please can you ensure that your child has their reading book and a water bottle every day in school. Thank you.


Your child may have brought home some lines to learn for our Nativity. We will be filming this next week so please can you practise your child's lines with them, ensuring they know which line they follow. Please check their book bag if you are unsure if they have any lines to learn.
We will be filming our Nativity songs on Wednesday so please can your child come to school wearing a Christmas jumper if they have one. If they don't then please send them in a plain jumper / cardigan, do not buy anything especially. They can wear the rest of their uniform as normal.

Snow much fun!

We couldn't help but notice the snow falling outside our window this morning and we were desperate to get outside and explore! Here are some photos of us having fun in the snow.

Some of the children wanted to collect some snow and they took it inside to see what would happen to it. The children predicted it would melt and when we checked later on in the day they found that their predictions were correct! There was only water left in the containers.



Here are our superstar achievers from this week.



This week we have started to look at the story of 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. Some of the children have been up to the woods to make their own Stickmen and Sticklady Loves. They really enjoyed themselves learning how to attach different materials together. We think they are amazing!

One of our superstars said, "I have enjoyed my school trip today!" Here are some photos of them in action. More will be added throughout the week so watch this space!





Week beginning 23.11.20

It has been wonderful to see everybody back in class this week. The children have loved being together again and playing with each other. There have been so many smiles and so much laughter.

Here are some photos from this week.




Here are our superstars from our Achievement Collective Worship. Well done all of you!


Weeks beginning 9.11.20 and 16.11.20

Well Reception what can we say? You are a bunch of absolute superstars. You have become Zoom experts during our Isolation and have shown how amazing, adaptable and resilient you are. Each and every one of you earned your Achievement certificate and we could not be more proud. You have done three Zooms a day as well as completed lots of work we set as extras, your learning did not stop for a minute! A huge thank you as well to all your grown ups who uploaded your work onto Tapestry.


Mrs Jagger, Miss Bushby and Miss Bellwood.


Here are our superstar achievers for this week. Well done!  

Welcome back to a new half term. We hope you all had a good break despite the weather! Our topic this half term is 'Once Upon a Time' and this week we are looking at the story of Guy Fawkes and why we have fireworks and bonfires. The children have enjoyed exploring the colours they see in fireworks and representing fireworks in different ways. In Phonics we are learning ck, e, u and the tricky words the and to.

Here are some photos from our first few days back.









Please note that this Friday (23rd October) is an Inset Day and school is not open to the children. We return to school on Monday 2nd November. Have a lovely half term week.

Here are our award winners for this week.


Here are some super photos showing some of the fantastic learning which has been taking place in our class.






This week we have spent a lot of time orally blending and segmenting VC and CVC words, e.g. i-t, o-n, c-o-t, t-a-p. We have also been writing these words down and we have been practising writing our gaphemes. We have also learnt c, k and talked about ck making the same sound. So far we have learnt s a t p i n m d g o c k ck.

Over half term please continue to practise these with your child and encourage them to write them down using a good pencil grip. The children have also been practising writing their names. They now have to sign in every morning on a big sheet of paper. Please encourage your child to continue writing their name over the holidays.

Week beginning 12.10.20

Here are our Achievement certificate winners for this week. Well done to all of our superstars, you have made us so proud.


We have covered s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o so far in our phonics lessons so you could play I spy with the children with words that have these phonemes at the beginning (initial sound). You could see if your child can write the graphemes (letters) or you could ask your child to write words which have these phonemes, e.g. p-i-n, d-i-g,  g-a-p, t-a-n. You could segment words and see if the children know the word.

Today we went for an Autumn walk in the school grounds and we saw some beautiful leaves which had fallen. We taked about the colours and we collected some for our creative activities later this week. It was such fun to be outside in the autumn weather, we even stood under a tree as a gust of wind blew and we got covered in leaves! The colours we noticed were red, brown, yellow and orange but we saw there were still some green leaves as well.

Here are some photos of our walk.




Here are today's superstars from our Achievement assembly. Well done to you all!


This week some of the children have been taking selfies on an ipad. We have decided to put them up in the classroom next to their self portraits. 






Here are some photos of us in our independent learning this week. 



Last Friday some of our superstars got an award in achievement assembly. Here they are looking very proud!

Thank you to everyone for attending our virtual parents' evening. It was certainly different doing it on Zoom and over the phone but it was great to be able to share with you all how your children have settled in to All Hallows'. I look forward to speaking to some more of you over the next few days.

This week in phonics so far we have been learning the sounds p and i. We have practised writing them correctly and we have been blending words which contain them, e.g. s-i-t, p-i-t, t-a-p, p-a-t, i-t You could try sounding out some of these words and seeing if your child can say the word.

We have been practising using a good penci grip and we have these posters up in class so thought they might come in handy if your child is struggling at home with their pencil grip.


We have had a great week this week (wb 28th September). We started our phonics and Maths sessions and we have been really impressed with how the children have used what they have learnt at home and in provision.

In phonics we have been learning the phonemes s, a and t. Ask your children if they recognise these or if they can find any around the house. Maybe they can show you how they write them. We have been encouraging the children to use a good pencil grip like the one shown, please support your child with this at home if they are writing or drawing.

We have also been practising reading and segmenting words with these phonemes in, e.g. sat and at.

Next week we will be adding p, i, n and m to our collection so there will be many more words we can blend, sound out and segment.


Please can you ensure your child has a named pair of wellies in school next week as the weather is not looking good. We are planning on going on an Autumn walk in the school grounds on Thursday so wellies and a waterproof coat will be required.

Don't forget that it is Parents' evening this week. You should have received your Zoom link via email (please ignore this if you are having a phone call, I will call you at the time you have been given) If you do not have a slot please see me to arrange a suitable time.

Here are some photos to share with you.







Your child brought home a reading book on Friday but unfortunately we can’t send a reading record home at the moment. Please share the book with your child and keep it in their book bag. We will listen to them read their books and swap them. All returned books will be quarantined before being returned to the reading scheme.

Thank you for your cooperation

Week beginning 21.9.20

Thank you to those of you who attended our Zoom meeting about Reception expectations. I have placed the Powerpoints above for you to look at if you missed it or would like to see it again. 

You should have received a letter about parents' evening. If not, please see a member of the Reception team for one.

Thanks and have a lovely weekend

Mrs Jagger

Please can you send a named pair of wellies in for your child. They can remain in school but please can you check them regularly to check that they still fit.

We had great fun in the rain today, we got out our little boats and were watching them float across the bigger puddles. Unfortunately some children still got wet feet even with wellies and waterproof trousers on so it would be helpful if you could pop a spare pair of socks and / or tights into their bags.

Thank you :-)





Week beginning 14.9.20

Please note we will NOT be starting PE lessons until further notice.

Here are some more photos showing the super learning that is taking place in our class. The children are being so independent in a morning finding their names and washing their hands and at hometime when they are collecting their own things. They have been busy making new friends and having lots of fun. The treasure boxes have been amazing so far and the children who have shown them have spoken clearly and confidently. We can't wait to share some more!




The children have amazed us today with how sensible they were when they were eating their lunch. Here are some photos to show you. 


Here are some more photos of us in our learning today.


We have been so busy in our learning over the last two days. Here are some more photos of us exploring our new classroom and making new friends. Just a reminder that from Monday 14th September our drop off and pick up times are in line with the rest of the school so morning drop off is between 8.45am and 9.10am and home time is between 2.45pm and 3.10pm. You must follow the one way system and you can drop off your child at our gate. We can't wait to have them in school for the whole day!





Welcome to All Hallows' CE (VA) Primary School Reception class page. 

What a fantastic first day we had! We are so proud of how well you listened and your sitting was amazing! Your smiles made us very happy and we can't wait to see you again tomorrow. We hope you enjoyed your visit.

Here are some photos of some of you exploring our Provision. There was some super learning taking place. Well done Reception!






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